The PreciceAI team are proud to present our first patented invention, the Cyber Referee which we named Gwynifer. Beautiful women’s name behind the Artificial Intelligence, which does wonders, using Computer Vision technology.  This invention relates to the automation of the scoring in sports using artificial intelligence deep neural networks image recognition to derive the scoring of each of the related sport and competition related objects after predicting/detecting each part of the related sport and competition related objects such as athlete’s body and analyzing the movement and change in angle of each part of the body and/or two or more parts of the body in relation to each other.

The Cyber Referee eliminates the challenges associated with subjectivity and imprecision of scoring in sports by a human referee. Cyber referee powered by artificial intelligence which does not mistake or misinterpret while watching and analyzing each related sport or competition related objects and/or the whole game in real time from multiple angles and uses unique algorithms to analyze the captured data to derive objective scoring and other scoring related information, removing any possibility of preference of one athlete over the other. Related sport and competition related objects could be human properties, sport related objects such as sport equipment, machines and/or animals. Models could be trained to analyze any moving and/or still object(s) in any shape or form. Not only does the software score but creates data profiles for training and performance tracking. This will be an incredible tool to coaches, players, and referees themselves who are judging the sports. The intent of these features is used for performance fingerprinting and accurate, reliable data sets of performance. We have also created dashboard graphics with the intent for use in broadcast graphics and visual performance meters. Meaning that the derived data by Gwynifer Cyber Referee could not only be used for judging the sports, but also could be used by TV broadcasts to let viewers visualize more performance data while watching the game in real-time.

Our first proof of concept and case study was built for the Bull Riding sport but can be customized to just about any sport. Especially our invention would be useful for sports where wearable sensors are not a viable option in this sport. The following video demonstration shows you how the Gwynifer’s Cyber Referee works for Bull Riding, running in action.

Cyber Referee is purely computer vision based, eliminating the need to place any types of hardware sensors on any object/athlete. Features of the Cyber Referee may be implemented using off-the-shelf video equipment, any off-the-shelf GPU powered computer and the state-of-the-art computer software platform named Gwynifer Cyber Referee. Cyber Referee will process any video feed in real-time or recorded and derive the data for the sports it is designed to analyze. As we continue developing our platform, we continue to add features, which now cover verticals beyond only the scoring for sports.