We are proud to announce that our second invention went live, automating the start clock of all rides for Professional Bull Riding Teams series competition. HELL YEAH!!! YES, YES and one more YES!!!!! We have invented something for one of the most Western sports in the entire world and became the first ones in history who introduced Professional Bull Riding to Artificial Intelligence. Definitely something we will be proud of forever!

What had started as an idea, which nobody believed could even be possible, has been turned into the reality by the PreciseAI team, who tirelessly worked on making this product into the reality. Today, SkyStart tracks the motion of each bull as well as the rider and starts the clock exactly and precisely at the very start of each bull ride. Every sports benefits from precision. SkyStart starts ride clock identically for each and every ride, making Professional Bull Riding competition more fair to each and every rider who is participating, risking their live to do what they love most, ride the bulls. Every millisecond counts when the bull ride is only 8 seconds long.

The Press Release published by PBR could be read here:

Cowboy Ingenuity: PBR leans into AI to time Team Series rides

PreciseAI is already working on our next invention, which we keep top secret. Check back and be the first to learn of what we will invent next when we let the next AI beast out into the wild.