PreciseAI is an AI research and development organization. Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence led us to the video quality enhancement, which we decided to have as the service available for everyone. 

If your old videos are on the older media such as VHS tapes or a reel, there are services such as the Legacy Box (, which can digitize about everything for you. When you have your video in a digital form, we can then upscale it for you to 4K resolution at 60 FPS, improve contrast and overall quality. We could even try to colorize the black and white film for you as well. All for a very affordable price of $1 per minute.

This service is specific to the enhancement of the longer video. There are many apps, which could be used to enhance 5 minute videos. We would not accept videos, which are shorter than 1 hour. We are professionally enhancing the video quality, which takes a lot of effort. Therefore enhancing shorter videos is just not financially sensible for us at this point. 

However if your video is 1 hour long or longer, we would love to help you upscale it to 4K resolution at 60FPS. 

The process is very straight forward. Please fill out below form to submit a request. We would then contact you with the directory on Google Drive where you will be able to upload your video. We would open access to that directory only to your specified email address. We would then cut a 10 minute part of your video and enhance it. You will be able to review it and if you think it is of the quality that you were expecting, and you would like us to process the whole video, we would issue the invoice and as soon as it’s paid for, we will run the same enhancement stack on your complete video. 

Each video, depending on the initial quality, might need different enhancement techniques applied to make it look the best possible. Therefore we will experiment with 10 minutes of your video and only after you approve and cover the invoice, we will process the rest of your video. And if the 10 minutes clip will not be satisfactory in terms of the quality, we will not charge a penny for the enhancement.

Please fill out the form below and let us know what type of video are you looking to upscale to 4K.